I collect knowledge about the history and future of computation. I store this knowledge in a research channel named Embodied Computation on are.na.

In 2017 I performed a series of virtual reality rituals with various collaborators. Documentation from these rituals was exhibited in The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale in Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea. Featured on AQNB and Tzvetznik.

I have been intermittently crafting noise music and mixtapes under the alias of DESTROYER_12 for the past four years. Critics have described these productions as "ecological gabber" and "music that guides the listener through the portals of liminality". This work has been released by BRAT Records and has been featured in Disc Magazine.

In 2017 I made a 360Âș artwork about emergent lifeforms and non-linear love. The soundtrack was composed using crowdsourced audio recordings collected from fifty classmates and family members. Featured in Sim Magazine and remixed by Kenji Yamamoto.

In 2016 I had a solo exhibition at GĂ€rtnergasse, an artist-run space in Vienna, Austria.

Many years ago I regularly took photographs. This work has been exhibited at the Independent Photography Festival in Melbourne, Australia and has been published by Incandescent Zine, CZE magazine, lightrad.ius, Waterfall Zine, and Camera Diynamite.